Jun 19, 2012

Tickled Pink


It is hot as hades in Toronto today- to be more accurate it is currently 31 degrees Celsius = 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit OMG, and did I mention we don't have air conditioning? Let's just say we are eating a lot of popsicles and ice cold drinks are being guzzled down! Pink is the first color I think of when I think of summer time, you can basically pair it with any color and it takes on a new look. Nothing is as feminine or fun then this hot hue. Try it with a neutral for something more contemporary, or something aqua for an island vibe, yellow if you really want to make it pop! Okay, must go stick my head in the fridge!! xoxo
What are you doing to stay cool??

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  1. ahhh man I feel your pain and totally sympathize, our air conditioner was on the fritz for the last two weeks and i felt dewy all day and night which is a kind of gross feeling! haha
    thank goodness we fixed it yesterday or today would have been a doozy, i'm so sorry you are air conditioner less...but pretty pink roundups of product awesomeness can basically fix anything right?! Have you tried the Joe Fresh line stuff? I just noticed yesterday while doing groceries that they had a whole cosmetics and nail polish section so i am curious about it now, the packaging totally caught my attention!



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