Jun 21, 2012

Hot Dog

Yesterday I think it might have been one of the hottest days I have ever encountered. I don't even recall feeling that it was this hot in South America, Jamaica, or any other warm Caribbean destination I have been to. We went to Canadian Tire and stocked up on some fans, but to tell you the truth I am not even sure they helped that much! Poor Bruce has been really feeling the heat so I have been treating him to ice cubes all day long- even soaking towels and putting them in the freezer to relieve the poor little man!! Can you imagine back in the day when was was no such thing as a fan/air conditioner.... OMG what did they do? They must have relied on ice boxes(as they seemed to call them) and hopefully there was so form of water near by!

We also went and bought a Kivik chair from Ikea, we plan to purchase another soon. So whadyathink? Like? I am very excited that our guests can sit in comfort when they come over, also it is a great little nook!!

Hope you had a great day! xoxo

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