Jun 18, 2012


Taco Salad- One of my favorites, the crunchiness with the avocado is perfection.
Hey Ya'll! Hope you had a great weekend. Lately I have been feeling as if  time has been flying by at a supersonic speed. Blayre was away all of this past week and is returning tonight at long last. Sometimes it is nice to have moments apart so that you can really enjoy each other when you reunite. Even if it is just for a day- absence makes the heart grow fonder. As I was saying though it feels like I haven't seeing him in ages and yet the week flew by and today we get back into our grew as our little family of three- I can't wait!
Here are some shots of the weekend and past week. Making me hungry!!

I ordered sushi takeout on Friday- it was such a great treat to eat this and watch some good fashion docs on Netflix. Have you seen the movie about his life?? Fascinating!
Me with a very odd expression on my face modelling a jacket for my camera so I could later reference it!! IF you can possibly ignore the strange expression I would like to note that I really loved this jacket from Jacob. It fit like a glove and had extremely comfy stretch fabric.  
Blue Jays against the Philadelphia Phillies- We Won.
People scaling the side of the CN Tower. I will take a rain check on this one
Look at the size of that sucker... Can you believe people are walking on it??? Would you?
Brucey first thing in the morning, look at those little red eyes. Too Cute!
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