Mar 18, 2013

Around the House

 Hey!! Hope you had a great weekend! 
Here are a few of my favorites:
This past weekend was full of great meetings, fun, and relaxation. I love meeting Elle & Be clients, passionate about the artistry of capturing their wedding day, learning about unique love stories, and fusing relationships beyond the work experience. 
I love being at the house and taking pictures of my favorite little moments. With Bruce there are many, but each addition to our space creates a feeling of home. I love editing the photos and analyzing what I can do next, if I am loving what is happening now- it is a great way to establish what is working and what isn't. I love our place and feel so much comfort and warmth here. 
Game nights are my favorite way to unwind. I love when people get a little silly, WiiU, Quelf & Bang, were amongst some of the festivities- not to mention the amazing fajitas!!
I love ending off the weekend with OWN, I have always been a big Oprah fan. I love watching interviews and documentaries, and with OWN there is the best of both worlds. I find the Master Class so interesting, I love learning about peoples journeys. How they got from point A to point B. I am always trying to learn and grow. 
Can't wait till Saturday- My moms coming!! Yay!! xoxo

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Always Stay Graceful,



  1. Happy Monday! I'm a big Oprah fan as well but just recently got OWN. I need to start DVRing.

  2. What gorgeous images - love the bookcase and how it's decorated! Thrilled to be your newest follower ~

  3. Love your photography-it's always so fresh and welcoming!


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Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo