Jan 10, 2013

300 Sq Ft.

A few weeks ago I came across this space and I couldn't get it out of my head! Something about this space really grabs me. I love that Nick Olsen was able to create a functional space that included a work space, a seating area for guests, and a separate space to sleep. 

When you are decorating a small space- especially an open concept or a small studio, it is important to break up the space by using paint on the walls, floor rugs, or by using furnishings- such as placing the desk at the end of the bed as Olsen did above. It is really amazing it you are able to create a functional layout how you can make a small space fully functional! Don't be afraid to use large pieces- it you choose small furniture- the room will feel small. GO Big & consider scale!

I love the color palette, and all of the small details- like the detailing on the curtains- that would be an easy project- and it created so much more visual interest. So simple to add trim to the edge of the fabric. Olsen also added some dimension to his doors by painting out the interior moldings & the dresser with its pops of kelly green would be a simple DIY!

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