Jan 9, 2013

Winter Brights

I am always playing with new and different color schemes. The other day when I was picking up flowers I was chatting with a man and he said " If you are working on a styling project at this time of the year- is it okay that you have chosen summer flowers?" My answer was Yes. I think what ever the season may be it is always okay to change things up with soft feminine flowers in stunning tones of pinks, purples and yellows. Although I love Paperwhites at this time of the year, it was a nice change to have bright summery flowers to liven up our living room. This inspired me to change up the whole color palette in the living room. It is now alive with pinks, pale aquas and lilacs- accented with deep navy and emerald green. 

I think it is important to not always play by the rules, as you will get stuck in a design rut. I am always changing things up at our place, shifting around the decor to freshen things up, keeps things new and gives me the opportunity to enjoy things that may have been hidden away otherwise. It is amazing how different a room may feel with just a few small tweaks! 

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