Aug 1, 2010


Finally after a lot of discussion we chose a paint color, and the painting has begun! There are more coats to do, more tape to be removed, new furniture to buy- the vision is beginning to come together! Here is a look at what has happened so far!

I would also love to replace the ceiling lamp, but I am not sure if that will happen...

We are getting a new sectional, these are the ones that are in the running so far:




I just love how the white looks with the new Blue paint

It's time to sell the this bookshelf from Ikea. I want to replace it with these shelves in Walnut Effect, to create a more open concept towards the back of the apartment, and also add a dinning table, like this one from West Elm:

We need to re-paint the pink lamp, I am thinking black... What do you think? The shelves of the small bookshelf also need to be organized so I am thinking a combination of some of these will look nice:

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. LOVE the wall colour!

    The ikea Kivik sofa is great (we have it in Teno blue/gray)...BUT...its kinda scratchy material...just sayin'

    I like the pop of pink from the lamp...or...I am crazy for yellow right now...I would leave it pink, or go yellow, or orange maybe...something cheery!

    Have you seen this months Style at Home? Karen Bertelsen styled up her bookshelves to die for! Maybe the ikea shelves are fine, just paint them white (or buy white version off CList, and sell yours on CL)...and then get an awesome vintage chair to go in the corner by the window (in front of the shelves)...inspiration:

    Kitchen light is a tough one...have you considered a ceiling fan (C.List)...and spray painting it pink (or yellow or orange?) Didn't I see that on your blog once? ;)

    Just some ideas!
    Its looking great already!
    Good luck!

  2. You are a true visionary! It looks AWESOME!!! Sooo good! your labour has mos def been paid off!

  3. It is definitely looking great!!! All my blah blah blah came from being tired & being hopped up on caffeine (yes at the same time) are seriously going to have one kick ass apartment! :) ... and the view is pretty awesome too!

  4. Hey Shannon, no I loved all of the ideas!! I am searching craigslist for some white bedside tables, and a chest of about 6 drawers for the bedroom- maybe you can help me!! And I will take your word about the couch- but yours looks so nice!!!

  5. Whew - good!

    White doesn't come up very often - what style? Modern or traditional?

    A tallboy dresser? 6 drawers stacked? Or 3 and 3 side by side?

  6. I have the ikea Kivik sofa too, I love love LOVE it! But I got it with the Teno light blue/grey covers too and I am finding it impossible to sit on it without long sleeves and long pants. I'm actually taking the sofa apart tomorrow and returning the covers and exchanging them for the 100% cotton white ones (WHICH ARE $200 LESS BY THE WAY) and then I'm going to dye them that gorgeous light blue/grey color again.


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo