Nov 19, 2009

I Love New York

New York City, the city where dreams come true, the city where people never sleep, the city that has its own theme song, no body said it better than Sinatra where he sang "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere, It's up to you New York, New York". This city is so full of inspiration, everybody here is trying to be heard, there are so many unique voices, colors, and through all of the diversity there is also such a feeling of unity. This weekend I am lucky enough to be going back to this great city to see the sights, eat the foods, and live part of the dream.
                                               Reasons that I LOVE New York City:

I love When Harry Met Sally, I have seen it tons of times, and yet it always leaves me with a a different feeling each time I see it. It is romantic, funny, dramatic, and New York creates such a beautful back drop for the story. I love the scene where they are walking through Central Park- This weekend I will have my own When Harry Met Sally moment! YAY

I was in love with Top Shop the first time I entered it's doors at the famed Oxford Circus locations. Loaded with accessories, candy, Kate Moss, inexpensive couture, make-up and shoes, it is every fashion mavens dream. Located on Broadway & Broome I Can't Wait!

Central Park a sprawling forest surrounded by enormous and exclusive apartment buildings. A communal play ground in the middle of the city, home to concerts, statues to honor Lewis Caroll, Frisbee playing, Gossip Girls scenes, Sexy Rugby players and so much more. It is gorgeous in the summer, even more beautiful in the fall, this is the city that has it all!!

The Plaza- this gorgeous building doesn't even need an explanation its just all of the glamour of the city embodies in a building!

Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, or Miranda? Sex and the City has been my guilty pleasure for the past 11 years... From the time I was sneaking off to watch it at 12 years old to sitting in the darkness of the theater last year I can't help but feel that I love this show to death! I think that for every lover of Sex and the City, New York is every fashionistas dream, it's chic, full of dreams, possibilities, and most importantly closer to the God of all fashion SJP! I think I'm a Carrie By the way!

Not only is 30 Rock-Rockefeller Center based out of this historical building, but it has been the home of famed show SNL for decades and when I first set foot on the premises I felt a tingle of excitement immediately! There is a truly exciting feeling that one experiences in this city when you see some of the famous landmarks for the first time, like the Empire State Building of Central park, this is one of them for me!! Also this is the first time I will be seeing the "Big Tree" a traditional that has been around since 1931!! I am so excited- and don't forget that scene from Home Alone 2 Lost in New York!!The Brooklyn Flea:  I have not yet been- but I already know I am in love- is that Crazy?? I don't think so!! It looks like a day of fun, food, and interesting finds!

Magnolia Bakery, made famous through Sex and the City and other famed NYC characters Magnolia bakery is an incredibly yummy experience. To the lines upon arrival, to the aromas in the shop, the mountains of icing on each cupcake this bakery screams NYC!!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art a gorgeous NY landmark is a crazy reminder that "Yes, I am in this great city!" So many fabulous events take place there, where the elite of the city are glammed up to mix and mingle amongst Egyptian Statues that are thousands of years old. Amazing exhibits such as Jaqueline Kennedy's wardrobe during her husbands years as the President of the United States, Superheroes wardrobes, Pop Art, and so many other inspiring pieces of art and archeology.

For me Woody Allen takes the anonymity out of New York. Through watching his films often set in NYC (Manhattan, Hannah and her Sisters, Annie Hall) you feel like you are stepping on to a movie set and you are apart of something. SO many greats have lived in this city, its hard not to feel like you are in a very special place.

Just knowing I am in the same city as Anna Wintour gives me chills!!

There are so many other reasons, but I would never leave this chair if I were to write them all- so tell me Have you been to New York? What are your favorite memories, places, areas?

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. I love New jealous that you're going again. I've been inspired by your entry to write my own makeshift ode to New York. Check it out!

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  3. All I can respond to that is that I love you just the way you are...

  4. I’m inspired as well, Eve. Reading this piece had me gooped in my chair drooling on a slab of bread as L took me on an imaginative journey to a city where I know I belong! I still have the lingering feeling of the chocolaty glow I perceived as my eyes glided across the Magnolia bakery section. I have been there, and opened my mouth to many a cupcake... but the way L describes it puts me in the oven, baking away as a promising young tiny cupcake... passionately observing my next post, the frosting table. Noticing the picture of central park with fall colors warranted another closed eyed inner body ceremony as I imagined myself tripping over a hot dog vendors lunch box and landing in a fluffy, welcoming pile of diversely colored leaves. There is no room for selfishness or bigotry in a habitat of red, yellow and orange. As my eyes remain shut I find myself aroused by the orange leaves. I begin to eat them. The hot dog vendor still watching me with a sense of yearning now. Now I’ve scrolled back to the Woody Allen picture and my mind instantly fires me into a deep crevice with darkness all around... I am a little girl, stuck in a dark crevice... and through the reflection in my spectacles I see Allen approaching from my back. He is smiling, friendly, and plotting. HE offers me a way out of the crevice, so I can escape back to my reality..... back to my pile of leaves and my friend the hot dog vendor.... Allen asks nothing of me in return for the service of my freedom, but the small token of appreciation I could show him by wearing a diamond ring he so mysteriously revealed from behind his ear. I wore the ring. I am married. Allen is asking for a prenuptial something... I don’t understand. Thankfully now I’ve scrolled up to When Harry MEt sally... I’ve seen this movie many a time now and am not overly tempted to play it, but it offers me an escape from the vacant dream of being a little girl in a crevice, with no conditions. Harry Met sally is unconditional love.... something we aren’t all so lucky to be able to feel in this world. I feel it though, and it’s warm. Let this be my ending. Good night East Coast.

  5. wow, you should start your own blog... just call it ramblings...haha. JUST KIDDING. Love you be and L!


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