Nov 18, 2009

Last nights dinner, Shrimp and Scallop Linguine Alfredo. YUM

I love anything with cream, butter and cheese, so of course this was the perfect meal choice!! So easy and most importantly delish!!


-Shrimp (Cooked)
-Heavy cream
-Noodles of your choice(Fresh or dry), I had Linguine on hand
-Ricotta Cheese
-Butter, or margarine
-2 0r 3 cloves of Garlic

Here are some additional Ingredients:

-Smoked Salmon


This is so simple it will take around 20 minutes to prepare including the time it takes to cook the pasta.
- In a pot add water and salt and wait till it boils.
-Meanwhile in a saucepan add few tbsp's of butter and wait till it gets relatively hot.
-Slice up the the garlic cloves into strips and throw it in to the pan with the butter.
-At this point add the scallops, shrimp (if it is uncooked), mushrooms, bacon or anything that needs to cook a little. Wait for the shrimp it cooks very quickly.
-You may now add the cream according to how much sauce you want, this also goes for the butter/margarine.
-If the pasta looks about done add the shrimp to the sauce pan so it can cook a little.
-Squeeze half of a lemon into the sauce pan and mix in.
-The pasta should have cooked by now, so drain and add the sauce as you would like.
-Add some ricotta to the finished dish and serve with a small sprinkling of pepper.
- I like to always have some greenery so I made a small mint/spinach salad, and added some balsamic vinegar.
You must try this it is so good, remember though to eat in moderation!!
Oh, oh I am hungry!!

Stay Graceful,


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