Nov 25, 2009

MILK BAR- Hot New York Eatery

I'm Back!!! This past weekend I went to NYC for fun- and so that my boyfriend Be could get some filming done. In the midst of all of our walking and shopping we ended up in a restaurant/bakery/sweet bar called Milk Bar. At the moment in NYC there is a very buzzworthy chef named Momofuku(which means lucky peach in Japanese) who has a range of different kinds of restaurants in NYC (all of the menus change seasonally) such as noodle bar, ssäm bar, ko, milk bar, and má pêche(that is coming soon). All of the Momofuku restaurants have similar sleek interiors, sleekly designed wooden surfaced and bar seating, all have limited capacity and are very "I
n" at the moment, we actually saw 2 stars from "The Office" when we were there which was pretty exciting- Kelly and Ryan, it was special hahaha!!

Anyways here is why I decided to write about Milk Bar, it a very unique concept, one of those "why didn't I think of that" kind of ideas. Aside from having really yummy deserts, and baked good they have this soft served ice cream that has a very special twist- this is the "why didn't I think of that" idea... First of all if you like cereal, you know how yummy it is when you finish all of the cereal and get to the milk and its all nice and sugary and sweet and tastes like the cereal-ex: Coco Krispies, Frosted Flakes. So what they do at Milk Bar is take ceareal, and soak it in the milk until its completely saugy and then they strain the cereal from the milk(that sounds a little gross, but bare with me) Then they turn that flavoured milk into ice cream, or milkshakes and its SOOOOO good- it has a very distinct taste, but definitely worth a try!!

I got Cereal Milk Ice Cream, and Be got some yummy cooking, great fun experience. The address is 207 2nd ave. nyc 10003 - corner of 13th and 2nd the website is

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