Oct 23, 2013


Until recently our entranceway has been utter chaos. Ever since we moved in 2+ years ago this space became a storage area for junk to collect, every time I got home it sent shivers down my spine just looking at it!
I decided I wanted to go dark, camouflage any imperfections by using a moody deep shade of blue. There are shoe organizers on the wall, and this makes them blend it a lot more. I chose Farrow & Ball's- Drawing Room Blue as the inspiration and had my local hardware store mix it up for me in a semi-gloss- and voila. I LOVE it! 
I added in some art, and painted my pine framed Ikea mirror the same colour to blend in to the wall. 

Consequently I still get shivers up my spine- but for good reason! Here is the result- I put a before shot below- unfortunately I didn't really take a good before pic, I forgot!! Prior to that the idea of taking a picture of the space was not even in my plane of thought, so this one will have to represent. Note at this point all of the clutter has been put on the curb, or organized away!!


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