Nov 4, 2013

Fall Flower Arrangements

When I make flower arrangements I don't ever what it to feel overly themey or literal. I want them to feel a little rustic and throw together, but overall pretty. I love the idea of mixing pastels, with bright whites, and rich purples and maroons.

I put this bundle together for a shoot recently- I will share further details soon. I chose fresh bright white lilies, protea- one of my favorite falls additions, pink roses, and soft lavender baby's breath. I also brought in a lot of leafy greens to break things up a little. I think tulips would have also been pretty, ranunculus, and additionally if you were using this as a centrepiece for thanksgiving, you could embellish this with pears, or small apples!!

What are your favorite fall flowers?

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  1. Fresh flowers in the house make me so happy! Agreed- I never want them to look too polished.


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