May 29, 2013


So far this week has been amazing even in lieu of the TERRIBLE weather. I hope my plants survive this never ending rain! Last week Blayre and I purchased this Moroccan Shag rug from Rugs USA. They are currently having a 65% off sale so I jumped at the chance to scoop one up. I have had my eye on one for sometime, so the price sealed the deal. I recently found this caramel colored leather moroccan pouf at a thrift store, ad with the new coffee table, shag rug, I am loving this masculin, glam, 60's/70's vibe that is evolving. I would love to have a leather chair in the future- in place of the big white Kivik from Ikea. That would go upstairs, as will the sisal rug, and a reading nook will be created. It really takes time to create a home, life changes, things come up, it is really amazing to see the life your home takes on.... A reflection of yours- and that is what I LOVE about design!!! 

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  1. beautiful design! That rug looks so soft and inviting!

  2. that looks like a perfect spot to take a nap :) i love it
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  3. How much extra were shipping and import fees, if you don't mind my asking? I've considered purchasing from there (and love that Moroccan rug btw), but haven't pulled the trigger yet.


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