May 28, 2013


I am crazy about tropical prints. I love all of the hokey design from the 60's, Hawaiian inspired memorabilia and faux bamboo/rattan, bright color, palm leaves, pineapples, you catch my drift? Tropical prints always add a little bit of fun to a space, try adding a palm leaf pattern to your neutral sofa in the living room, or injecting a little flare through a pineapple shaped light fixture. Frame vintage Hawaiian postcards in a grouping for added effect, or a punchy table cloth to a drab dining set- just remember to have fun, and while your at it, sip some yummy tropical punch!! 

How to Incorporate Tropical Design into your Everyday Life:
- Palm Leaf prints. Throw Pillow, Bedroom sheets
- Pineapple Decorative Objects
- Rattan/ Faux Bamboo, left in natural wood hue/ or painted out 
- Shell Motifs, of Anything from the Sea
- Coral
- Banana Leaf Plant
- Lucite
- Car Cart
- Brass

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  1. Adore your tropical inspiration!

  2. This works for me, too. Love the glam vintage vibe.

  3. My grandma went to Hawaii so much that she did a theme throughout her house, I loved the feel of it...even if it was hokey lol

  4. Great photos of a very fun theme - today with the rain pouring down I'd kill for some tropical inspiration! Thanks for giving me just that! :-)

  5. ohhhh stunningly beautiful
    Wednesdays for Women is live

  6. I adore a good pineapple motif. No idea why!

  7. Oooh, beautiful! I wish I could do a tour of iconic hotels that have been kept tasteful. in Miami would also be on my list.

  8. Love all the nostalgia! It's been many years since I was in Beverly Hills, you've brought it all back :)


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