May 17, 2013

Garden Pallet

Yesterday I finally got around to working on our balcony. It has been sitting patiently for about a month now, neglected, and I must say I am so happy with what we have accomplished so far! 
I have been wanting to create a small garden that we could clip herbs from, as we don't have a backyard, this small pallet garden was the best solution. We do have a balcony though, and a garden pallet is the perfect size.
After finding a tutorial on The Chew, I set out to find a pallet at Home Depot(if you ask they will most likely have them on hand, and give you for free), a tarp, and something to give it some height (I was lucky enough to find these on the side of the road in my neighbourhood). 
It is fairly simple, all you need is a staple gun to secure the tarp to the pallet, some earth and a selection of flowers & herbs.

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Here is a screenshot I took a while back with instructions, & supply lis,  along with photos of my progress.

We stuck to mostly herbs, added a few flowers for variety

Car Greenhouse!

Found at Home Depot- I had to remove one of the planks on the other side to create even spaces

Turn over to secure

Make sure to staple all of the boards across the bottom, to hold in place

Begin to spread earth throughout the sections

Now we just need a cute patio set and bbq and we are all set!!

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  1. Great idea! I think we're all a little late getting going on our outdoor stuff this year with spring arriving late. Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Ingenious! Perfect for your space. There are so many interesting uses for pallets these days!

  3. This is so cute. I can't wait till it fills in. Fantastic idea!

  4. You'll have to show us how it shapes up over the season!

  5. What a fantastic idea. Being elevated like that should keep the pests away!


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