May 16, 2013

A Day in the Life

I realized that I don't share enough about my day to day, pictures of myself, while I am out and about. I wanted to start a new series where I share little tidbits of my world, I am always taking pictures of well, everything, so might as well show my friends!! Here are a bunch of pics from my life lately. No I don't have Instagram.... wah wah. 

1. Loved this sheepskin covered pouf at Mi Casa in Cabbagetown. Love the tray styling too- so pretty and feminine.
2. Waiting at the theater after seeing The Great Gatsby (GO SEE IT- so stunning throughout) Favorite summer drink= Iced Soy Chai Latte. Bracelets J.Crew & Forever 21. Best to mix High and Low.
3. Ranunculus at my local greenhouse- can't wait to showcase some of these beauties on our balcony this summer.
4. Totally in love with the phenomenally cool photography of Slim Aarons- have been following for a while now. Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. This would look so happy on my coffee table!!

5. Maximizing in this striped dress. I didn't buy it, went back, sold out. What to do. Hells Bells.
6. Location scouting this AMAZING location downtown Toronto. Malaparte by Oliver and Bonacini- this picture doesn't do it justice. The view is amazing, night time will be even cooler- can't wait.
7. Shopping in Chinatown the other day- natural rock galore.
8. Sandal shopping- would these stay on?? I am in need of cute neutral sandals.

9. Went for a lunch date with Tiffany from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design on Monday. She was SOOO incredibly sweet & funny. I LOVE meeting Blog friends in person so much fun, so much to talk about- we went to Earls, I got sushi rolls and salad. Yum.
10. Trying on summer dresses. For me this dress is my jam. I like to keep it simple. I bought it. Good Grief I have White legs.
11. I love this city- beautiful park on Church Street and King- full of lovely tulips.
12. Lunch date with Blayre at Canteen. Baja Fish tacos & Edamame Salad. The Best.

13. Barnacle love- have always loved this piece at Mi Casa.
14. Bruce stretching out- look how cute is that. I melt.
15. Trying on a childrens dress at Old Navy. Yep saw someone else do it so I followed suit- I loved it, but feared if even the slightest breeze were to sweep by, I may be revealing TMI. If I had a daughter though she would be wearing this number in 2 shakes...
16. Blayre and I picked up a few of these fab coffee cups, acrylic handles, glass cups. SO CHIC. from Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens.

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  1. Ou, I really like the 2nd pair of sandals you tried on! Black & white & cognac is a cool combination. And I feel you on not having instagram. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world without a smart phone. Haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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