May 14, 2013

Anna Spiro

From Day one Anna Spiro has been my girl! In fact, just to fill you in, she is the reason I started this blog to begin with! In a world that sticks to beige and greys, Anna doesn't shy away from bright/bold interiors. She loves colorful, beachy undertones, and traditional design elements with a hint of "je ne sais quoi". There is a playfulness about her that take her designs to the next level. She experiments with the unexpected, bright neon pinks, pom poms, and pineapples, are sprinkled throughout her interiors. I adore her ability to mix rustic, and traditional, lime greens & Staffordshire dogs with such certainty that it will leave you wondering " Why hadn't I thought of doing that?". She continues to push the boundaries of beach chic, always keeping it fresh and current- this lady is most definitely my superstar of interior design, a true inspiration!! I'm pretty sure I will continue to find reasons to write about her again and again...It's a crush!! ;)

Staffordshire Dogs/ ArtGarden Stool/ Trellis Wallpaper/  Lumbar Pillow/ Yellow Wicker Chair

Here are some pics of her work:


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Always Stay Graceful, L.


  1. Just found your blog through Tiffany Leigh and I think you've done a great job here. Just added you in my bloglovin' list.

  2. She is one marvelous designer. I never tire of her ideas.

  3. Love your design board...def pinning it! So glad I came across your blog too:)

    You must be an art lover, check out some of my new work!


  4. Hi!! I'm here from Tiffany's blog! Loved your home! and am so excited to start following you. beautiful inspiration here!

  5. I am in love with art walls and bookshelves ... and I do love colour too. I wish I had the knack at putting it all together though! It feels "safer" to kind of match things up in the way I know how. But bursts of colour make me happy!

  6. Love her work and your design board!

  7. Screams happy life to me! And, make me want more pink in my house.

  8. As usual, eye candy. I can't wait till I eventually create some tableaux in my own home.


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