Mar 11, 2013

Spring Decor

Hope you all had a great weekend! I went to see Searching for Sugarman on Friday- have you seen it? So good, a story about hope, integrity, possibility, and great music-I highly recommend it!

As Spring is right around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about new beginnings,  new opportunities, new ideas. I cut my hair this weekend, it was time to get rid of all of those split ends and freshen everything up. It is funny how by doing something as simple as changing your hairstyle makes you feel like you are reinvigorated, different and ready to take on a new persona. Along with a new do, I like to keep things fresh around the house. There are many projects in the near future- such as our upstairs that need to be worked on, to be honest there hasn't been that much thought into our upstairs living/office space until now which is crazy because our bed is there and it should feel serene and beautiful, but just hasn't been done yet... We will talk about that another day.

Back to Spring- I wanted to style up the bookcase using items that reflected a softer palette. Pastels, metallics, reflective sparkly surfaces, and nature inspired objects tied together the look. I love how the tulips bring everything to life. We all know there is nothing more spring-like than tulips/fresh flowers. I kept everything in the blue/lavender/green palette, and used metallics to keep it from feeling to juvenile  Pastels may be tricky if they aren't used correctly, it you go to pastel it might end up looking like a nursery, add a little bling to bring things up a notch.

Spring Checklist:

- Pastels
- Silver/Gold/Chrome/Brass/Copper accents
- Lucite/Acrylic materials
- Rattan/Bamboo
- Florals
- Chunky Glass decorative objects- to add some sparkle
- Flowers
- Nature inspired objects such as: Shells, Antlers, Rocks, Natural Rocks/Crystals
- Blue and white dishes, ginger jars

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  1. So happy for spring I can not even tell you! Yay for bright and cheery updates :)

  2. Love all the refreshing pastels of spring! Your bookcase is beautiful :)


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