Mar 8, 2013


I am always playing around with the different areas of our home rearranging, rethinking, remaining every space. A space can be completely transformed with a few additions, a little tweak here and there, a colour added, frame changed, such a slight difference can create a completely different mood. All of these images are special for there own reason, some are very simple, clean lines, neutral based, and others are full of color. Each of them looks as if they were very thoughtfully created, complete perfection- but not over worked. There only rule I have is balance. I don't mean symmetry per se, just the feeling of completeness, try to create a balance of object, height and weight, distribute the objects evenly, and I am all for asymmetry- just balance!

Blayre and I are going bowling with a few friends tonight should be fun, the rest of the weekend is being left to hanging out, and getting caught up on work!! See you Monday- Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Via (An all time Favorite) 

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  1. Pretty choices - I always love Lonny!!

  2. So pretty. I have so much work to do in my house. Lol.

  3. the gold, black, and white combo is so chic!


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