Aug 6, 2012

Weekend Recap- Niagara Falls

What a fantastic weekend. My parents took my sister and I to Niagara Falls and what fun we had. I always have a great time with my family so I really look forward to trips like this. While we were there we celebrated my sisters 23rd birthday, took in a show in Niagara on the lake, went to the falls, ate great food, and lazed by the pool. It makes me feel like a kid again when it is just the four of us, I just love it. If you live in Toronto you should definitely head down for a day of two(you don't need more), go experience the falls, and then treat yourself to a stay at a cute hotel like the one we stayed at, it was so charming check it out here, it is called the Pillar and Post.

Today in Canada we have a national holiday so enjoy another beautiful sunny day all!! xo

The stairs famously seen in Niagara. They look really dangerous actually, and after seeing the film look as if they really haven't been updated in 60 years!

Getting ready to head to the falls. Maid of the Mist
Every family has a designated photographer. Peter is ours. 
Gorgeous views. The turquoise in the water was stunning.
On Maid of the Mist. I could barely see anything at this point because the mist had become so over powering so I had to just stick my hard out with the camera- this is the result.
My two favorite girls
The hotel Marilyn Monroe stayed in while filming Niagara in 1952. She was 26 when she filmed the movie. She died a decade later. We watched the movie last night to see if we recognized a lot of the places we had seen, quite good actually, not as dated as I had anticipated!
So ornate
Jennifer with a very sweet elephant
Rainforest Cafe- Jennifer and I love to take pictures here!! Its one of our favorite "sister things"
Having fun with the crew
The Mist
Lucky enough to see a rainbow while we were there.
Love this pic. Mom & Sis- Just like in the movie Niagara
We "journey'd" behind the falls- it was really quite breath-taking, and even kind of scary. I can't believe that man recently tight roped across them.... Insanity.
Isn't this so pretty. Patch of clovers. I wonder how many are  lucky??
We can't resist coming to IHOP. One of the classiest joints around!!
Smiley Face Pancake- A tradition 
Guilty pleasure IHOP- Waffle- So, so good. Although I felt ill after!!
Natural Whirlpool- Featured in the 1953 movie Niagara
Laura Secord Monument
The path of water that leads to the States
USA- Beautiful Farm. Sometimes I daydream of what it would be like to live in a small town.
Me and Bessie the Cow at Cows- We are dressed the same
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  1. Did you like the IHOP? Which location did you go to?


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