Jun 5, 2012

Bertoia Chairs

Hello friends, I have been having such a wonderful time in Calgary. Lots of laughs with the family, fabulous times spent with friends and sometimes the familiarity of where you grow up is just what you need. I am however missing Toronto, I so wish that my family lived there to share all of the good times with us. I would love to have everyone over, enjoying good food and spending time together. Here is a look at the new chairs that we bought last week- I am so thrilled, they are imatation Bertoia chairs(or perhaps real-how can I tell??), we got them for a steal, and I love them, that fit our space like a glove- now we need to have people over to enjoy them!!

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  1. Oh those chairs are brilliant! Love them :) I wanted to check if you received my email.. :( xo


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