Jun 28, 2012

Baby Love

This room was designed for the baby on the Upper East Side. There is something very chic and tailored about this room, though when creating, it was important to me that it was practical and looked full of love and playfulness. One day when I have children I wish to create a zen atmosphere where I can hold my child and read them some of my favorite childhood books. A place where memories can be made, a place where if they should wish to look back they will see the love and time I put into creating. I want the colours to be soothing, and not reflect too feminine or too masculine( I know this is quite girly) but if I paint an accent wall pale aqua that's a fair compromise right? I can't wait to have a little darling!

Must Haves When creating a Chic Manhattan Nursery:

- Beatrix Potter Prints
- Tailored Lighting
- A Topiary
- Crisp Linens for the Crib
- A tasteful and comfortable place for mom to sit
- Accent wall
- Fresh flowers

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