May 14, 2012


Collection of jewelry- Forever 21 & Vintage. Tray from Homesense, dish from a market in Japan.
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. The weather was so gorgeous here we were really lucky- so humid though- so perfect for all Mother's day. With my fair skin I feel sometimes as though I am not equipped for the intense heat- and love a nice breeze...( and I also wish I had one of those fans that supply mist simultaneously- like from Disney, that would be double awesome...)  I know I am a buzz kill- But I would be an even bigger buzz kill if I wore neon suntan lotion- Remember that?? Haha

Also- Love to my Mommy who lives in Calgary- you are the most amazing lady that a girl could ever ask to know- I wish that we could have been together- thank god for Skype!! 

As for todays business- here are some shots of the weekend- enjoy, and happy Monday!! xoxo

Have to send out some love to my constant styling of our coffee table!! 

Fiddle Head Fig tree- You will be mine soon. Did you know they can grow to be 9" tall?? Holly Cow

Crazy nachos we made on Saturday for movie night( we just started watching The Sopranos- love it) add dill- adds a certain je ne c'est quoi!! 

Found this very cool post over the weekend at this garage sale around the corner for $5- so I spruced it up with some paint by smoothing it over with a cloth 

I liked this piece of art- kind of eighties- but in really great shape and really fab color

Very Pretty mirror- would this be Venetian inspired?? It might have even been from Italy actually??

Beautiful flowers at the market- the color was so great... Hot pink and green= Love

They even looked great hanging out on the counter

Progress at clients home- How dope is that little gun nic-nac? Still not sure what it is. I also bought one.

A view from the top

Moroccan lantern- Neon Blue. Loving it on the basket.

Lantern + Basket + Cactus= Pretty Schweet

Ikea art- looking amazing, can't wait to see when there is art above the couch + pillow covers. 

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