May 15, 2012

1 Room, 3 Looks

Look 1:  Beach Vibe, blue and white accents highlighted with red and gold accents, large landscape shot of beautiful water.  I wanted to try and create a space that felt peaceful and calm while attempting to mix several different prints. I like the result- and would mind spending a day relaxing in this colourful abode. 
Look 2: Sophisticated bachelorette pad. I wanted to create a space that Edie Sedgwick would like to hang out in. With the help of some really bright prints, pshycadellic artwork, and gold and marble accents I think I wouldn't mind mixing Ms. Sedgwick and I a Tom Collins!  
Look 3: Sweet & Feminine this look is a little more subtle than the last- but it has a bubbly quality that  I really like. The soft pinks and blues, with the black and white contrasting photo adds flair as well as a classic edge. 
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