May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday + Lonny

I picked up this blouse the other day at Joe Fresh to add to my growing collection of their pretty silk blouses- with a price tage of $39 you are really getting a great deal, and you can treat yourself to something else too without feeling too guilty. This new one is a pale lilac- really digging the whole lilac and mint combination. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Rainbow of silk blouses currently at Joe Fresh 

On another note-

Much to my surprise yesterday I got an e-mail from Lonny yesterday saying they were live- so I raced over to the site as soon as I got a chance- what an amazing issue... They really keep outdoing themselves. All of the variety of this one is really amazing, from North Carolina, to Souks in Morocco- you must take a peak at the most recent issue.  Here are my favorites, now drop what you are doing, grab a cup of tea sit back and take in all of the beauty of the May issue!!

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