May 29, 2012

Green Pieces

I have noticed an influx of green accents in our home recently. I am not sure if it was a conscious decision, or if it is because we don't have a garden, but in lieu of summer I have been bringing the outdoors inside to create a more tropical inspired green space. 

Normally I have not been one to work with the color green, but I have always felt that it ads a freshness to whatever it is added to. There is something very zen and almost healthy to be surrounded by lush green accents and plant life.  I love adding a slice of lime to my club soda, or a sprinkling of arugula to my pizza- or a new palm leaf throw pillow to my sofa.

To add pops of green to your own home- place a handful of limes in a pretty dish on a tray for a bar set-up, or add a few branches of green leaves from your garden to create a rustic look.

Do you make any changes to your home if the summer?


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  1. LOVE your new pillow! I just featured one almost identical from etsy that i have my eye on. WHERE did you get that bench/ottoman? Its amazing and I have been on the hunt for two

    Rai Atelier - Etsy Shop


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