Feb 23, 2012

Tales From the Desk

Yesterday, I received these gorgeous boots that Blayre picked out for me for V-day after snooping through my Pinterest(so many benefits I tell you!). Just seeing the J.crew box made my heart skip a few beats! I think that there is something so incredibly exciting about receiving packages!! The process of ordering the item, and then waiting for the mailman to arrive, to opening the package is so much fun!!

Here are a few snapshots of my desk area (that is in complete disarray), but filled with things I love, including some framed pictures by one on my favorite photographers, a piece of art created by me, my cards(that thrill me each time I hand them out), a picture of Blayre snorkeling, a horn pen holder, and a favorite paper weight, and of course some Pellegrino to hydrate! Love to surround myself with things I love to get the creative juices flowing!

I have still yet to pick up my computer, so I am still working off Blayre's Macbook, which is weird, but I am adjusting!

Also, have you checked out the Every Girl yet? If you haven't checked it out yet I think that you should stop by and take a peek. It is filled with great ideas on budgeting, how to pursue the career of your dreams, fashion, beauty, food, & I am sure there will be much more to come! Grab a chai latte and get out your Ipad for some great reading!!

Have you ordered anything fun off of the internet lately??

If you have any pictures of your workspace you would like to share, please send them to me and I will post them!!

Always Stay Graceful,


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