Feb 24, 2012

Chocolate Marshmallow Dream

Hey Everyone, Happy Friday!

I finally got my computer back and it feels so good!! Nothing like your own computer, am I right, or am I just picky??

Anyways I wanted to share a really delicious treat for you to make tonight, Oscar Night, whenever you feel like it!! It is most definitely NOT diet friendly however if your boyfriend is a lover of sweet things he will definitely thank you!!

Very simply to make these Chocolate Marshmallow Dream cookies, all you will ned is:

- Fluff, Marshmallow Spread
- A cookie base of your choice- I chose Creme Brulee by Dare
- Chocolate- I used decadent chocolate chips by PC
- Caramel sauce- Presidents Choice

-Now all you need to do is lay out all of your lil' cookies on a tray with parchment paper(so as to not let the marshmallow stick)

-Melt the chocolate as I did above, with the help of a pot boil the water and place a bowl onto until the chocolate melts so that is doesn't burn. Check regularly.

- While keeping an eye on the melting chocolate, spread the marshmallow onto the cookies(try not to go too crazy or it will not stay later)

- Then top with the caramel
- After take the melted chocolate and spoon over each cookie
- Place in the fridge to solidify
- Voila Ridiculously Delicious cookie!!

Enjoy- While I ate these I felt like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone when his parents leave and he makes that insane sundae- remember that??

Let me know if you try to make these, or if you have any really yummy treats!

Have a great weekend!

Always Stay Graceful,


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