Feb 8, 2012

Navy & Aqua

Here is a picture of "Moi"- as Miss Piggy would say.... In the necklace

Aqua, Aquamarine, or "Sea Foam" as I called it recently, seems to be a big theme in my life recently. I am having a love affair with that color! Remember that necklace I posted about two weeks ago well I got it!

I really love it and I want to wear it everyday- but I just can't do that.... In this pic, I am wearing it with a tee I picked up about 6 months ago at Forever 21, but I also wear it with white silk blouses, and will wear it a ton more with pinks, and fuchsias and blues...

Here is just a lil' story about the necklace, I bought it on Bauble Bar(I think it is sold out) but first I came across the website Currently Obsessed, through one of my favorite bloggers Samantha Hutchinson , that I found through one of my favorite websites The Glitter Guide.

Next I found and fell in love with the necklace, and had to go on a wait-list, after being wait-listed for a few days I was free to buy the piece. I had to order it to NYC though because they don't ship internationally(only complaint) and order it to my boyfriends, sister's- boyfriends house... Did you follow that?? He was in NYC last week so I hounded him until my purchase was in hand!

When I finally got it I couldn't have been happier- it is just as gorgeous in person, the quality was just as I expected- we have all seen at one point or another the realities of online shopping(it can be bad)! Also, the presentation was great- they really do a fantastic job. I love Bauble Bar, and would highly recommend it for beautiful and unique pieces, that are really decently priced!

Bauble Bar also sent me a pair of beautiful earrings!

So what is the point of tell you the process in which I came across it?? Well not sure, except that the internet is truly a wealth of knowledge and you never know what treasures one link will lead you to!

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