Feb 8, 2012


Yesterday I bought this really inexpensive wood box at my local Dollarama for $2.00. I have been wanting to do this simple project for a while but kept forgetting! Finally yesterday one caught my eye and $2 dollars later I had a box!

I wasn't sure what color to go with, I was thinking coral, but when I got home I decided to tie it into the antique dish I have in the living room, by doing turquoise and light blue. I tried to disperse the color unevenly so as to create a marbled effect. Not too sure if that happened- but I like how it turned out. If you know how you could achieve a marbled affect without using too much paint- let me know!

Close Up

Love all of the detailing- gives a more expensive look

The paint I used- these are so cheap, and they have millions of great colors!

Simple brush- Bruce is trying to snatch

On another note, I pick up these candlesticks yesterday at Double Take- this great secondhand shop just around the corner from where we live- I have been trying to find candleholders for some time now that I like- these came to $4.00- so the price was right! I am looking to find just one more so I can create a collection like Tommy Smythe has done. *Note that his candlestick holders are ultra polished and shiny- I will attempt that later today!!

Bruce posing... Oh how he loves to pose for the camera

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  1. what a great project...love the colour.

  2. Fantastic blog! Glad I found you through BlogPodium! I'll visit often!


  3. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. that article is very cool. thanks


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