Feb 13, 2012

3 Things & Special Times

Lonny Mag- Trays, Containers, and Plenty O' Books...

Hey, hope you all had wonderful weekends,

Mine was really relaxing, and full of yummy food! My computer has been experiencing some problems(which has led me to a near breakdown), but luckily I have been using Blayre's laptop,(not the same, it's like sharing someone else's clothing) it is crazy how bare one feels without their computer(if they depend on it for certain things). I thankfully saved all of my stuff on a hard drive before the incident, so it won't turn out as Carrie Bradshaw's difficult turn of events on SATC...

Anyways I would like to share some design tips, and items that I love to use over and over in my home, here are some things that through the years have never failed to really add to the look of my different abodes...

1. Trays:

I will never stop purchasing beautiful trays. Trays may be used in so many ways, there are also so many different finishes and materials you can find them in. Such as wood, lucite, sterling silver, and many more. You can use a tray to display your jewelry, organize desk top items, create a lovely vignette in you front entrance, keep all of your perfumes looking lovely and feminine. Stack a tray on some coffee table books, place of a bookshelf to create depth, include in a vignette, the options are endless.

2. Books: I am constantly revisiting my books, and referring to them for projects of inspiration. They also serve as a home for other decorative items, and trays to be layered upon. I am always visiting Indigo.ca for great deals and treasures, (I love spending time browsing in the store too, one of my favorites, for decor and great gift finds)they have really amazing online discounts that will literally reduce the prices by %50 or more depending if you are a Plum rewards member- You must check it out!!

Like trays books often serve as a base in my home and when creating a vignette. Tommy Smythe once said " John Manuel was one of my mentors. He told me that every time you get a paycheck, to always buy one book. Today, I have a serious art and design library of over 1,000 titles that I enjoy and cherish in his memory." I think that this is fantastic advice for someone who is looking to add fullness and richness to their space. I have always been a collector and admirer of beautiful coffee table books, and have been lucky enough that through the years my mom gifted me many beautiful and interesting books. Now that I have my own space I can appreciate how wonderful this advice is, especially coming from one of my personal mentors in the design world.

3. Containers:

Whether it be a beautiful decorative box, or candle holder I am always looking for really interesting ways to store things. I love finding vintage decanters, toothpick holders, ornate pickle jars, candle sticks. Items like these can add so much flavour and interest to your home, become a source of inspiration for another project or even hold a beautiful arrangement of flowers. I like when something is really unexpected( not like the cloak Nicki Minaj wore last night) but a really classic piece used in a way that really compliments it, but surprises.

On another note,

Blayre & I present day

This week marks a big milestone for my boyfriend Blayre and I, I can't believe how the time has flown and that tomorrow is Valentines Day. Five years ago Blayre and I started our journey together, we have known each other since I were were ten, but had a chance meeting a few years ago after I returned home from Germany after Au-Pairing, and Blayre returned home from the Navy(have I ever told you that?). We have lived in three different provinces together,started a business together, and welcomed a beautiful sweet puppy a.k.a. Bruce, there are so many amazing things to look forward to, it is just the beginning. I feel extra lucky to have shared 5 incredible years with Blayre, he is my absolute best friend in the world, an incredible human, so wonderful and sweet with Bruce, hysterically funny- he is always making me laugh, he has a great singing voice- really beautiful, I love singing with him, so wonderful with my family(who adore him), he has so much adventure in him, and a passion for life, and last but not least he is so talented. He is a GENIUS cinematographer, each piece he creates is a work of art, my expectation are surpassed with each new project he does, he is always outdoing himself on a professional level. I love you so much Be..... xoxo

Back in the day in Mexico, Me far left, Blayre far right

Our little love Bruce

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. Laura, I love the post and definitely the advice from John Manuel! I'm starting to buy a book every time I get my paycheck from now on!

  2. Elif, thanks so much- I really loved that advice too!!


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