Feb 3, 2012


Yesterday my sister and I got to some crafting- basically it is one of our favorite activities. Turn on a great movie, and bust out the glitter! For some time I wanted to add a little sparkle to our space, so at my local dollar store I purchased some letters to spell out "PARIS"- and for under $10 we made a really beautiful piece!

What you will need:

-Block Letters,I purchased these block letters at my local dollar store for $1.25 a piece( the same ones I used for our gallery wall in our kitchen)- to spell out your preferred word
- Gold spray paint
- A variety of glitter- I used a combination of white glitter, gold & silver to get this look
- White Glue
- Paint brushes
- Little dishes for the glitter and glue


- Very simple, all you must due is spray all of the letters in what ever paint color you desire(I think that aqua would look great with the same combination of glitter I used)

- Wait for the spray paint to dry

- When the letter have finished drying, begin to add hte glue with a paint bursh in small increments, add dust on the glitter. To make sure the most minimal amount of glitter falls off, gently tap the letter so that all of the excess leaves.

- Wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then hang in your desired location.

- Voila instant sparkle and glamour to add to your decor!

I love it, it added sparkle and prettiness to the entrance of our kitchen!

Blayre looked at in in slight horror- but I know he will grow to love it!

Let me know if you try it out.

Je t'aime!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. AAAH I love this DIY - I'd love to do some monograms or something for our closets. Delicious! Great DIY Lor

    1. The came out so cute, what a great idea!

      I'm giving away artwork here-


  2. So fun - you are so talented!


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