Feb 2, 2012


I came across Drew Barrymore's home in Domino recently and wanted to share it with those of you who have yet to see it. It is amazing how her home is so inspired by her character. I imagine her to be much of what we see in her movies free spirited, fun, whimsical, and very down to earth, and her home seem to really embody all of those characteristics. She seems like the kind of person that you could grab a bite to eat with and have tons to talk about- well I would at least, and I am also a huge fan of her style(you can tell she really doesn't take herself too seriously, which is a beautiful and rare thing) so I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised that her home is awesome!

Her decorating style is a little more boho/traditional even in some ways than mine but there is something here that really just works for me. It feels super effortless and do able!

Can't you just imagine Drew sitting here pondering away her next film- or Whip It- how funny

This is such a fabulous bar. All of the color really create such a fantastically polished and glamorous space- Love the green with the gold/silver combo.

Great pop of color. Usually I am not a huge fan of red however something about this really works.

A great collection of images above a retro inspired bookshelf- I need an mood board.

Hope you enjoyed- any celebs that you think have a great home interior? Please share!

On another note- so, so happy it is Friday tomorrow and Blayre gets back from NYC tonight! Hooray, I hinted that he would be the "best boyfriend ever" if he picked me up Magnolia Cupcakes, but he ran out of time, but in all honesty the calories would only make me wake up angry tomorrow-because yes, I probably would have eaten them all.

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  1. I figured Drew would live in a gorgeous and fun space!! Your blog is so pretty. I saw you attended BlogPodium (me too!). I'm disappointed we didn't get a chance to meet, but I'm happy I found your blog anyway.

    Tanya from dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks so much Tanya! I think Drew would be so much fun to just hang out with she has just a great sense of humor! Yeah, I wish that we all could have mingled more after, I didn't get to go to the blogger ever the next night so it would have been nice! Xox I'm coming by your blog now! Laura


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
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