Nov 8, 2011

Metallic Moment

Hey! So I was looking on Craigslist the other day(one of my favorite place to find unique finds- just about everything we own is a craigslist find) and I came across these two brass and glass side tables for $25 TOGETHER.... Amazing!!! So less than an hour later we picked them up, loaded them into our car and brought them to their new home!

I love them, they definitely added a lot of polish and flare to the room. I love how they mimic the shape of the coffee table, a perfect space to create beautiful vignettes on.

One of my favorite things about craigslist is that you might be on the hunt for one kind of piece but then another will totally knock your socks off- like these tables.... But I mean who could say no to that price!


Always Stay Graceful,



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Always Stay Graceful,
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