Nov 8, 2009

Ten Timeless Beauties

There are few women that have the ability to stand the test of time when it comes to style and grace, but I have chosen ten actresses- famed women that inspire my style and my way of being on a daily basis. I am so happy that looking put together is "back" I was getting so tired of people looking like they just rolled out of bed. Girls are less likely to expose there mid drift, and wear those beyond awful acid wash jeans- Finally less is more. I think that in a way we have reverted back to the way things used to be(maybe with the help of Mad Men). People like the idea of getting all glammed up to go to work, going out with girl friends, shopping around. preparing a delicious home cooked meal.

I think that one of the reasons that I love the show "What Not to Wear" is along with the $5000 shopping spree with Stacey and Clinton in NYC the women really learn to appreciated themselves, and gain a sense of self respect that might have been lost at some point in their life's journey. The way that you carry yourself is so important, to be agressive in not attractive.. Temporarily it may get you somewhere but to others you just come off as mean and rude... The other day I heard something interesting "The job your do is what you do, not who you are". We assume that just because somebody does a certain job to pay the bills- they must be a certain way- People judge so quickly!! Can we try to learn a little bit about a person before we decide we don't like them? I am not 5'10, or 110 pounds, I definitely prematurely judge people- it's inevitable that we won't always love everyone we meet but lets try to exert a more forgiving attitude. We won't always be the most beautiful girl at the ball but work with your assets and people will be alerted to your confidence, and that is beautiful. Its okay not fit the mould, we are all so different it's so important to embrace that individuality. We only get one chance in this life, one body, so we must enjoy each moment and make the best of it. By the way I didn't say we only have the chance at one wardrobe so shop away! Here amy pics of fab ladies. Who are your favorites??

Julianne Moore

Gwyneth Paltrow

Drew Barrymore

Julia Roberts

Cate Blanchett

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

Kate Winslet

Juliette Binoche

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. I agree Miss Collins. Embrace individuality!

    All such stunning woman. Except Gwenyth. Not too crazy about that one.

    Here's my top 10:

    1) Amy Winehouse
    2) Lauryn Hill
    3) Sophia Loren
    4) Kate Winslet
    5) Catherine Zeta Jones
    6) Julia Roberts
    7) Grace Jones
    8) Drew Barrymore
    9) Christina Ricci
    10) Natalie Portman
    11) Jennifer Lopez
    12) Audrey Hepburn
    13) Billie Holiday

    I can go on forever... Can't choose just

  2. I love your choices!!! There are a lot of people that don't like Gwenny- encluding little J... Also love Catherine Zeta Jones, Lauryn Hill, and Sophia Loren!!!

  3. "We won't always be the most beautiful girl at the ball"
    -obviously if I'm there....
    hahaha I kid I kid
    I really liked this entry, it was very nice!!
    I loved all the photo's that you chose, and think that you really nailed it,
    except you for got to include Angelina... and for that I don't know if I forgive you!!!
    AND WHAT ABOUT Penelope Cruz??

  4. Yes those are 2 beauties that should have made the list!!


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