Nov 4, 2009

Designer Water

Omigod, so we already know that water has a price- but were you aware that now water comes in designer packaging... It's so hard to keep up with everything!! As far as I know the series was launched in September 2009 and features designs by Paul Smith, Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gautier for about $13.95( I don't know if that's how they were initially priced) Anyways take a look...What do you think?Jean Paul Gautier
Christian Lacroix

Paul Smith
Christian Lacroix

So will everyone be out buying these now??

For Enjoy fashionistas
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  1. question..... does the water have any special characteristics that differ from conventional bottled water???? I have to say just the appearance of the new designer bottles is attracting me and causing me to feel the need to have one handy next time I'm out for dins, just for the image. On the other hand, it's water.... what is so "designer" about it? Are they going to make designer soil for your front lawn? It's really the same thing, slightly ridiculous.... but I'm certain that if designer soil were available, i'd find a certain few individuals, Peter Wallis, soiling their gardens with it. There's too many things out there that are making me feel like I should spend money on them.... How can a person be focused simply on the things that really matter, and/or will positively effect our lives??? What the frig hole.... anyways my sleeping pill is kicking in. Take care all.

  2. LOL bizzieB.

    I saw the Christian Lacroix on a few months ago.I always have a huge urge to purchase it, but can't bring myself to spend almost 15$ on water?That's more expensive than a mickey of vodka...

  3. Yes, but what if you bought it to put flowers in?? Someone told me that's what they do- good idea!!

  4. my favorites are the ones by Christian Lacroix, they look so icey cold, like ice sculptures that filled up with water!- perfect for christmas season!!!!

  5. But would you pay $13?? I think that I would!!


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