Nov 10, 2009

I Heart Ellen D.

Ellen Degeneres makes me laugh so hard... She is such a sincere and genuine person that I really can't imagine someone not liking her. All I have to do if I am ever feeling down is watch one of her stand up acts and I am on the floor laughing. I wish she would tour I would be front and center(or at least in seats that I could afford). I haven't watched American Idol for a few seasons but I know that since she was signed I am so much more excited to tune in again. She is a person that i really want to do well in this world- in the celebrity world that is.... I just feel like she is a really good person and deserves happiness and good fortune!! I felt compelled to write something about her today because I saw her on Oprah today, and was so excited to just write a little something about it. I have read all of her books and all of her shows the least I could do in return for all of those laughs is say thank you in my own small way!!!

Watch this clip its part of one of Ellens acts called "Here and Now" so funny...

Stay Graceful and don't forget to dance,



  1. really funny stuff,
    maybe you could be the next ellen
    super dog!!

  2. Oh wow- or meet her at least, that would be amazing!!


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