Oct 28, 2009

Easy Fun and Delicious Recipe

This morning I decided to make pear tarts for breakfast- so yummy. I will give you a recipe- so incredibly easy I think that the whole thing took around 20 minutes!!

-Pre made puff pastry dough
-Canned pear
-Icing sugar
-1 egg

Okay, so first of all set the oven at 350ÂșC and wait till it warms.

Meanwhile beat the egg in a bowl so that it is completely liquified.

Take a pizza cutter of knife and divide the puff pastry into 4 parts- or how ever many you plan on making.

Drain the pears, and place the desired amount on the puff pastry. Fold the corners in on each pastry then brush the top of the individual pastries with the egg.

Put the pastries into the oven and put on a kitchen timer for about 15 minutes- keep checking until it has browned.

Remove from the oven, and sprinkle icing sugar onto the top for pretty decoration- and taste!!


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