Oct 27, 2009

This is Halloween

As Halloween draws nearer I have been thinking a lot about when I was a child- I have had some great costumes like Mary Poppins, Princess Jasmin, Cinderella (see a trend) a cute rabbit, a witch (several times), oh yes and I can't forget the year my mother dressed me as a present, very creatively, I really have no idea where she came across this idea- that being said it was two pieces of cardboard wrapped in paper and a bow around my head, needless to say it was incredibly uncomfortable, I could barely make it up each stairway (let alone properly put my arms down), and if I did make it to the doorI risked getting knocked over by children eagerly running at me to get to the next house as soon as possible. Bless my mom there she was waiting at the bottom of the stairs admiring her masterpiece.... Oh childhood how I love thee!!
Today one of my friends complained about how awful it would be to have to put on a pair of heals this Halloween, all I could think of was all of the trekking that we once did when we were kids, in the rain, snow, sleet, I am sure whatever the weather conditions we would have found a way, just to get those pillowcases nice and full- so we could then go home and rot out teeth out.
I still love candy, especially chocolate- blast those people who used to give out toothbrushes, and dental floss- sacrilege I say or Tootsie Rolls, not impressed people( you know who you are). Then there was the lingering fear instilled by are parents as we got older not to talk to strangers, look out for razorblades in our apples, meanwhile we were all trooping up to strangers homes demanding they give us candy- We are all trained to say "Trick or Treat" as a mere ritual- nobody takes it seriously BUT would you believe some of these people actually had the nerve to ask us to do a "Trick" for our candy, Oh god- that would not fly today, that sounds like a stress induced law suit from a kid... Anyways, its so nice to think about these memories- Please share yours!!

Also I have included some fun pics!!

This morning

Cute little dog with booties

A frat house Advertises their upcoming party

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