May 10, 2013

Mother's Day

As Mothers Day is coming up on Sunday Here is a last minute gift guide- and a shout out to my Mom.
The people I love mean everything to me. I have always been a mommy's girl though. If ever I did something wrong she would always be the one I would want to tell. Her voice was always in my head like Jiminy Cricket and still is. Whenever I accomplish something, or whenever I am down, she is the first person I want to tell. Her voice calms me, and lets me know everything will be okay. Her voice also guides me when I know I am wrong and her opinion always makes me think twice. Mothers have so much wisdom, she can tell when something is bothering me right away. I love chatting with her about the tiniest little things, asking about her life, hearing about her childhood. I love the way she tells stories, she always makes me laugh. I know that if we met in life she would be a good friend, and that is pretty cool. She has accomplished so much, from very humble beginnings, she has worked so hard to give my sister and I everything she had and more. I am so inspired by her, her beauty, grace, and humour. Thank you Mom. I am so honoured to me your daughter! Love you SO SO MUCH!

Christmas Morning

 Our First Home in Montreal 

 On Vacation in St. Maarten

Last April in Japan

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  1. I am the one who is lucky my beautiful daughter. I appreciate the gift of you every day. Love Mom


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