Mar 27, 2013

Get the Look

When someone says "I have a small space" I don't think of it as being a negative, but rather a challenge! With a little creativity there is no shortage of what one can do if they just think outside the box. The other day Joanna  of Cup of Jo posted this amazing small space. Everywhere you look there is a story to be told, I love the fact that every detail there is of importance, rather then just having to fill space. 
Blayre and I love San Fran- and even if it meant down sizing, there is no lack of GREAT taste happening here, I am sure we could manage!! 
Here is my attempt at creating a similar vibe- fun, quirky, colorful... Just the way I like it!!

If you are wanting to create a space like this here are some tips:
- Books, Books, and More Books: Rather than have a small space and not fill it Jordan of Oh Happy Day says "Paul and I used to go to bookstores on dates. It was our favorite date, you get inspired, you know that great feeling…and we realized we wanted our home to feel that same way. So we rotate in new books, and once a book feels old to me, I’ll donate it. Now that we can’t get out as often with kids, our home feels like a bookstore to us. "
- Layer: The best way to create a home that feels lived in is to layer. Layer art pieces, add texture with throw blankets & pillows, roll out a turkish rug onto a sisal. I promise that even in a small space like this the more layering will actually create a larger more lived in vibe.
- Don't be Too Serious: Decor doesn't have to be stuffy and serious. Play with Color and fun objects. If you see something that makes you smile pick it up. Life is short- surround yourself with things that make you happy!

Contact me if you are interested in knowing any of the sources!! 
Have a great day!

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