Mar 29, 2013

She's Got Style

 Felicity... I mean Keri Russell!! 

I love effortlessly chic looks. On a daily basis these are my go to's. Chambre, olive greens, stripes, suedes, camel coloured leathers, tortoise shell, silks. I do occasionally jump on the bandwagon when it comes to fads... Yes I am guilty.  I do try to steer clear and generally I gravitate towards neutral, versatile textiles, so that I am able to mix and match. Here are some fab looks for the weekend, what I love about all of these looks it they can pretty much all transition from one season to the next. All a printed scarf, change out boots to cute wedges, add a chunky sweater- BAM instant style!

Garance Doré

Julianne Moore

 Liv Tyler

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