Feb 7, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

Two weeks ago I wrote about a project Blayre and I were working on. Here is a refresher incase you missed it! We collaborated with the Mary of Wedding Girl to shoot a vid with some of her favorite vendors. It was such a fabulous day- we were lucky enough to shoot at the Trump Tower/Hotel in downtown Toronto- which is as lavish as your imagining-think textured wallpaper, lots glossy marble, very elaborate moldings, enormous chandeliers... you get the picture!!
 I always have such a great time working with Blayre & the company of all of these amazingly talented gals was such a pleasure! It is so fun coming up with different concepts, especially if you have a team as great as this one- it is easy peasy!  So much work goes on behind the scenes, the final product is always so seamless, one of the reasons you hire someone as fabulous as Mary of course. In the context of the shoot, in order to come up with something like this requires long hours, people filled with a passion for what they do- and lots of laughs(not to mention people willing to blow eight ounces of glitter till the shot is perfect!! ) Without further ado, here is the video for the Wedding Girl Birthday, couldn't be happier with the result- Blayre is such a talent!! 
xo Enjoy!!
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