Jan 15, 2013

Elle & Be Cinematography

Hey All!!  This is a non- decor related post- however if you take a peek below I did take a pic of our gorgeous coral roses & pink hyacinth's. 

Today I wanted to do a quick shout out to Elle & Be. Elle & Be is the Wedding Cinematography that my boyfriend Blayre and I own together. We are now into booking season, so I would urge you to take a peek(Especially if you are getting married and you live in the GTA.)
We are so proud  of our little company- I promise you the work will speak for itself! Yes I am shamelessly promoting but I am also so proud of the quality of the work, and I feel like you will really love it to- or maybe there is someone you can pass it on to!

This company is so dear to our hearts, we'd love to work with you!! xo

For the Next 2 Weeks we Have a 20% OFF All of our Packages so check them out!!

Contact Us if you are interested!! 

Always Stay Graceful,


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  1. Of course you are proud of your company - the videos are amazing! I just posted a link to Elle & Be on my facebook page to spread the word. :)


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