Oct 9, 2012

The Change Up

Something interesting happened this weekend. I found an incredible bar cart online with the intention of using it in a clients living room. My plan was that when I got it home I wanted to style it and then photograph it for reference/portfolio work. When I picked it up I started to like the idea of having shelves to store books and accessories  then when I styled it I realized that it was a better fit in our space then the other one we already had!! It didn't even look like it was going to fit- but it was meant to be- fit like a glove!! Oops!! 

Has that ever happened to you?? I remember when I was little my mom would pick up really great presents for my friends birthdays and I would be so tempted to open them( I resisted) but I think I might have persuaded her a few times!! 

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Always Stay Graceful,



  1. It is perfect! I love how you styled it too.

  2. i think that silver tray is divine...in fact..EVERYTHING is divine.
    also i need to request your design services for my wall that has my fireplace..
    i have asolutely no idea what to do with it, how to style it, anything.
    i will email you with some details

  3. i'm not sure if my first comment went through.
    I love the styling of this! especially your lovely silver tray
    also i need your design services...i have a wall with a fireplace that i have no idea what to do with
    also i'm slowly but surely transforming the first room that you designed for me.
    just taking a bit of time!
    i will email you with the details

  4. Hahaha, yup I do this all the time. I've even bought furniture from clients. Pathetic! Your bar cart certainly does look perfect for your space.


Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments!
Always Stay Graceful,
L. xoxo