Oct 18, 2012

"Fall"-ing In Love

Protea My Favorite New Fall Flower 
Fall is so bright and colorful in Toronto. I am from Montreal originally but was raised in Calgary, AB,  when I moved back East I was so excited to re-experience the gorgeous Autumn season we are so lucky to get here. I love Calgary but the Fall season is over before it begins, next things you know its Winter! One of my favorite parts of living in a climate that doesn't ice over as of Oct 1st- is flower shops. Every few blocks downtown we are lucky enough to enjoys rows and rows of vibrantly colored fall flowers. Mums line garden walkways, and sunflowers are plentiful! I also recently discovered the Protea, South Africa's National flower. They are goegeous and rich in color & kind of look like they are living creatures like in the Little Shop of Horrors, they are my favorite Fall Flower. 

While this amazing weather lasts try to take it is and be inspired by all of the color! Have a great day!!

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  1. Beautiful! This are looking pretty gorgeous here in PEI right now. Heading to Montreal next month for a little getaway! Hoping it's just as pretty there as it seems to be in Toronto:)


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