Aug 13, 2012

Office Space

Happy Monday all. Hope you had a good weekend. Last night I enjoyed watching the closing ceremonies of the olympics. Although The Spice Girls were officially never going to perform again after their world tour a few years ago they did, and I just loved it. Their music is so nostalgic for me, it takes me back to when I was in the sixth grade standing on my friends back patio singer our hearts out pretending to be superstars. I was always Posh Spice, and speaking of Vic, it looked like Ms. Beckham was holding on for dear life as the cars pulled away at the end- she was in "Killer" heels too so good thing she didn't fly off the back!

Yesterday I finally found a shade for my lamp that has been sitting bare for moths, I always wanted a black shade so I am pleased with the way it looks, I still have some work to do in my "office" area, but for now this small change has been a big pick me up in that small space. I also picked up two lucite stackable trays to hold my jewellery, I love how it is displayed so that I can find everything easily, and it looks pretty! I think it has made quite the improvement on the former clutter that swamped the desk. Ahhh yes, the simple things. 

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  1. Thank you very much for this truly helpful post! Keep them coming!

  2. Those see-through containers are useful yet stylish additions to your work area. Indeed, even the smallest touches can make work spaces seem more personalised and stylish. Nice job! =)


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