Aug 22, 2012


Over the weekend Blayre and I went to the Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa to film a wedding. It was so gorgeous, an absolute must for anyone looking to get away from the city for the weekend, and a great place to bring kids. There are tons of water sports, the scenery is spectacular, and there are many lovely amenities including a spa. I also must mention the delicious Banana Chocolate Pudding- it was to die for... Especially at midnight cuddled up in bed after a 12 hour day!

I loved the scale and design of this pine tree styled chandelier in the sun room
We were so lucky that it didn't rain on the wedding date, I was also thankful there was a breeze  as we had lots of equipment to carry around. 

There were several pools on the property(Not to forget the miles of lake that sat in front of us)- sadly I didn't bring my bathing suit. :(
A lovely sized room, with an incredibly comfy bed! I think that this is close to three times the size as the one we stayed in in Japan!
Lovely cabin style pool house with my favorite hydrangeas
Was dying to climb up that floating slide, it looked so fun!!  During the ceremony there was one crazy fool who decides they should hurl themselves off of this, there is always one isn't there?? ahha
Photo shoot time! It was all very Chic Canadiana. The boats, the color scheme, all very Hudson Bay Company
Hard at work, I love this action shot! Unfortunately I don't have a better shot of the brides gown but it so pretty- the perfect balance of classic and modern.
Having a moment to sit and relax before the ceremony- it was really beautiful, the couple had a fabulous singer come and perform during the ceremony, and they read their own vows. (which despite all romantic comedies, people usually don't do) 
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