Mar 16, 2011

In the Kitchen...

I can't believe we have been in Toronto for 8 months!! A lot of progress has been made since we first moved in- here is a look at the kitchen...

I love being in the kitchen cooking, there is nothing like it. To know you are creating something that someone else will enjoy is a wonderful feeling!

Although, in my next home I am going to make sure that it is at least twice the size- here are some pics of our current space!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. beautiful kitchen!! love the space :)

  2. I love the chalkboard wall! It's fabulous!

    Glad to have found your blog :) Can't wait to read more!


  3. your kitchen looks so lovely. I've just postponed my kitchen remodel :( hopefully only for a few months. I love your blue-gray walls :)


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