Dec 9, 2010

2 Great Finds

Over the past weekend at the St. Lawrence Market Blayre and I found two great pieces. We are both big fans of Mad Men and so we have been looking for the perfect decanter for some time- we found one and bargained it down to $12 dollars, I love it all we need now is some Scotch!! Or maybe instead some Schnaps Butter Ripple!!!

We also picked up a beautiful serving platter, I can't wait to use this! So pretty, it will look great with a nice big salad on it or cupcakes, or anything served family style, I love to mix old and new so this is definitely a great find!!

Always Stay Graceful,



  1. Great finds!
    Were you at Anthropologie yesterday? I saw someone who looks a lot like you! (or at least from what I can tell from your picture!)I don't mean to sound all stalker or anything.....

  2. Wow - you work there? How do you resist? I love that store and always walk out with something after pledging to buy nothing! A meet up would be fun! It's great to get to meet other bloggers in the city!


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